What Problem Does This Solve?

A symbol to show the location of an object, place or point of interest.

When to Use This Pattern

After a user searches for an address or location a marker is used to highlight the location. Markers can also be used to establish the relation between a location on the map and a list of items or to show user input like addresses, e.g. start/end points of a route.

What’s the Solution?

Markers can differ in color, shape, and size. Different markers exist, so will a pin show an exact location while a round marker symbolizes an approximate location. Additionally markers can include numbers or letters to reference content displayed in a side-bar. Clicking a marker should open an info window that displays additional information (title, description, photos, reviews, action buttons, etc.) about the location.

Why Use This Pattern?

Showing the location of an object is one of the most important and powerful functions of a map. The marker helps pin-pointing this location and establishing a connection to additional content, e.g. a list of objects with location information attached to it. Markers are strong focus points and afford to be clicked on which implies the necessity to provide info windows on click or map tips on hover.

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