Meet in the middle

Meet in the Middle


Find the route halfway point between two or more locations.


Find the perfect meeting place along a route. This task is difficult to perform by a human without exact knowledge of the local geography and amenities. A route halfway point is calculated differently to a midpoint between two locations. A midpoint is the point that lies exactly halfway between two places, also known as “as the crow flies”, which isn’t how people navigate through the world. One will be restricted to road networks and their conditions to drive.


If there is a need to meet-up with somebody (friend, business contact, barter acquaintance) it is helpful to calculate the perfect middle point based on two or more starting locations.


Enter the two addresses which will calculate the route and midway point. Additionally one may offer to show midway points that match points of interest like restaurants, hotels, or other landmarks. The street network may be utilized to calculate routes that avoid highways or take into consideration current road and traffic conditions. In very specialized cases one may offer more than two start locations.

Apps offering the meet in the middle pattern may consider allowing the user to save their home address or other frequently used locations. It is advisable to combine this pattern with another output pattern like print or share.

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