No Map

No Map

What Problem Does This Solve?

Location based intelligence is common and valuable and can be represented without a map (at first).

When to Use This Pattern

Use when displaying a map doesn’t add value or is distracting to the task or when the spatial analysis can be performed more easily without interacting with a map itself.

What’s the Solution?

Design your application without taking up space on the screen for a map but rather display key performance indicators or other spatially derived information in the form of a dashboard.

Why Use This Pattern?

A map is a UI element that is difficult to learn and navigate and requires screen real estate that could be utilized otherwise. Sometimes it is possible to gather and analyze spatial information without the need to interact with a map. The core value lies in the structured output of the data as seen in dashboards. This works extremely well when the analysis to be performed is known and discrete as well as the geographical area is static.

Special Considerations

The decision to present the user with a map-less interface doesn’t prevent having a reference, e.g. in the form of a simple hyperlink, to a page with a map that allows the user to change input parameters or interrogate spatial information.

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