Share Live Location

Share live location

WHAT Allow other people to track and follow your location. WHY As people and things move around and change their location, the need to keep track of their exact place in near real-time is important to make appropriate decisions like estimating time of arrival, intercepting or meeting along the route, and making sure everything is […]

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Blue Dot

Blue dot

WHAT The blue dot pattern allows mobile users to see their current location in a map to understand their surroundings. Blue dot is specific to mobile apps where movement and change in position of the user’s device is expected. Tracking this movement means that the user can focus on their task without expending energy to […]

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Location Finder

Location finder

WHAT The location finder pattern helps find a place, point of interest, or address and shows it on a map. WHY Location, location, location. What has been the number one rule in real estate for many years is also true for map apps. Showing a map is valuable but showing a map that is centered […]

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Locate Me

Locate me

WHAT The locate me pattern helps users quickly find their current location in the map. It is a crucial mechanism for providing meaningful context about the user’s location and surroundings. WHY Users on mobile devices are focused on their immediate area and tend to have a narrow center of interest or activity. They are usually […]

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