Landing Page

Landing page

WHAT The landing page is your opportunity to create a great first impression and helps set the tone of the app. It also provides a place for users to input their location so the app can start at an extent that is meaningful and focused. WHY For years, builders have chosen to show a map […]

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Getting Started

The best way to introduce you to the Map UI Pattern library is by relating it to Atomic Design, which many of you are probably familiar with, and which is the basis of most Design Systems. Map patterns (Navigating the Map,  Orienting Yourself, Visualizing Data, and Views) and Content patterns (Interacting with Content, Exploring Spatial […]

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Empty State

Empty state

WHAT The empty state, sometimes also called blank slate, is one of the most overlooked aspects in UX design. It refers to moments during the experience when screens, panels, or containers are empty. Leaving something blank or empty does not make a good first impression and leaves the user wondering what to do next. WHY […]

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