Building Engaging User Experiences

Recently I got invited to participate in The Engagement Matters Podcast to talk about how to Build Engaging User Experiences. It was a ton of fun, I hope you enjoy listening the 28min episode on your favorite platform

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Tutorials & Videos

UI/UX Best Practices for Designing Amazing Web Apps 2020 Esri Developer Summit Tech Session, Palm Springs, CA (USA) This video shows Map UI Patterns applied to practical, real-world examples. Patterns described are: Empty State Task Oriented Layout Patterns Visualizing Data Patterns Dealing with complex Data Patterns

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Getting Started

The best way to introduce you to the Map UI Pattern library is by relating it to Atomic Design, which many of you are probably familiar with, and which is the basis of most Design Systems. Map patterns (Navigating the Map,  Orienting Yourself, Visualizing Data, and Views) and Content patterns (Interacting with Content, Exploring Spatial […]

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Why Map UI Patterns?

This site provides a language for planning and building map applications. It discusses principles, components of varying complexity, and features that all together inform design decisions for your next project. The elements of this language are entities called user interface (UI) patterns. Each pattern describes a solution to an observed and recurring problem. It explains […]

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Mobile Map

Mobile map

WHAT Maps on mobile devices are often difficult to manipulate by touch and result in unexpected behavior. WHY Maps are difficult to navigate on touch devices and require special attention to the input capabilities of the users, sometimes referred to as the fat finger syndrome. Data visualizations and interactions created for desktop devices cannot be […]

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Empty Popup

Anti-Pattern: Empty Popup

What Problem Does This Solve? A user clicks on the map and in return is presented with a Info Popup that instead of showing useful details is either blank, empty or informs the user that no data is available. Why Use This Pattern? It is annoying and wastes precious time to show empty results. When […]

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