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UI/UX Best Practices for Designing Amazing Web Apps 2020 Esri Developer Summit Tech Session, Palm Springs, CA (USA) This video shows Map UI Patterns applied to practical, real-world examples. Patterns described are: Empty State Task Oriented Layout Patterns Visualizing Data Patterns Dealing with complex Data Patterns

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Choropleth Map

Choropleth map

WHAT Visualize how a measurement varies across a geographic area. WHY Choropleth maps provide an easy way to visualize how a measurement varies across a geographic area or show the level of variability within a region. WHEN Choropleth maps are important to support analysis across pre-defined geographic area, e.g. an election map divided by electoral […]

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Flow map

WHAT Data visualization with straight or geodesic lines have visual limitations. WHY Studying and analyzing relationships between objects is a common task. Visualizing existing, missing or broken connections is important to understand patterns or issues. Common approaches for dynamic flow mapping include using straight lines and geodesic lines, both of which have immediate visual limitations. […]

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Heat map

WHAT Heatmap is a technique to analyze data based on their magnitude. WHY Identify areas of interest that can or need to be acted upon. Popular usages include analyses of crime, infrastructure, weather events, win and loss scenarios. WHEN Use heatmap to show clusters of activity, i.e. the average influence of the data in relation […]

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