Spatial Filter

Spatial Filter

What Problem Does This Solve?

Users are only interested in seeing features or results for a very specific region or area of interest.

Why Use This Pattern?

Location, location, location is not only the mantra in real estate but true for most consumer applications. People’s interest is many times constrained to a very specific geographic area described by a city, state, country, or custom selection. In natural language the spatial filter would say: “Only show me blah in City 1”.

When to Use This Pattern

Spatial filters are a special case of an Attribute Filter since they allow filtering on the geometry attribute of a feature set. A wide variety of applications benefit restricting results by geography, examples are real estate, travel, facility, etc.

What’s the Solution?

Show all features without geographic restriction and let users opt-in to define their area of interest. Selections can include major geographies like countries or states, utilize Browse Geographies [insert link] to find very specific areas, or allow users to define the area on the map in the form of rectangular selection or free-form drawings.

Special Considerations

  • Often it is enough to provide a Location Finder to specify the location
  • For very specific and uncommon areas help users by letting them browse through a hierarchical set of geographies
  • Consider offering ways to draw the area of interest on the map; this can be in the form of a freehand selection or other ways like rectangle

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