Floor Selector

Floor selector

WHAT The floor selector pattern lets the user switch between floors or levels in a 2D indoor map. The floor selector, sometimes also referred to as level selector, floor picker, or floor filter, becomes an essential UI control providing a means to toggle between floors and gives visual feedback on the currently selected floor. WHY […]

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Offline Maps

Offline maps

WHAT The offline maps pattern uses offline maps that can be downloaded to a user’s device to provide access to data when the need arises. They are useful when the user needs access to data in areas in which the internet is slow, mobile data is expensive, or the user cannot get online. WHY Offline […]

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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR)

WHAT The augmented reality (AR) pattern helps the user identify location and nearby features by visualizing them through superimposing digital information on whatever the user is looking at through their phone camera. WHY Studying a map takes time, and it’s often difficult to orient yourself. It’s hard to identify and locate points of reference in […]

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Mobile Map

Mobile map

WHAT Maps on mobile devices are often difficult to manipulate by touch and result in unexpected behavior. WHY Maps are difficult to navigate on touch devices and require special attention to the input capabilities of the users, sometimes referred to as the fat finger syndrome. Data visualizations and interactions created for desktop devices cannot be […]

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