Focus on the Subject

Focus on the Subject

What Problem Does This Solve?

There is not enough space to show all the details about a selected subject of interest in the current layout.

When to Use This Pattern

Use when the current view or layout (e.g. Full Map) doesn’t provide enough canvas to display all the information on a subject of interest a user needs to see. Patterns like Info Popup aim at solving this problem but in many cases still fall short when displaying large amounts of information.

What’s the Solution?

Give users the ability to switch the way the application is laid out, i.e. e.g. tapping a feature on the map could open a modal window showing extended properties or navigate to a page focusing on the content with only a small map for reference purposes or no map at all.

Why Use This Pattern?

Use to circumvent shortcomings of dense information displays. Focus on the subject can be interpreted as a toggle between a Full Map and a Reference Map or No Map layout. In other words, just because the application follows a certain layout doesn’t mean that users are stuck with that layout.

Special Considerations

  • To avoid unnecessary page transitions, consider fitting the content into already available containers like a side panel or use content patterns like Info Window whenever possible.
  • Make it easy for users to dismiss the selection, e.g. closing a modal window or navigating back after a page transition.

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