Reference Map

Reference Map

What Problem Does This Solve?

Map serves as an additional or auxiliary view and is mainly used for contextual purposes to show information that the user can choose to consider.

When to Use This Pattern

Use when the map adds benefit to the understanding of information shown elsewhere or provides geographic context.

What’s the Solution?

Show a map to display additional information relevant to the user to make a better judgement or decision. The map can be embedded in a page, a widget, or even an info window. Because the auxiliary nature of this map the interactions are very limited and the level of control by a user is typically low.

Why Use This Pattern?

In many cases it is important for the user’s understanding to see an asset in geographical relation to other assets or in reference to common landmarks or features like roads or highways. A small map can serve as the image that literately speaks more than thousand words.

Special Considerations

  • Consider simple but effective cartographic representation with very few distractions on the map.
  • The use of tools and interaction controls should be limited.
  • A user typically does not need to change the appearance of the map.

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