Partial Map

Partial Map

What Problem Does This Solve?

Map drives the navigation of the app while letting the user discover additional information and interact with the data.

When to Use This Pattern

Use when the application is mainly workflow driven and the the map serves as a tool to get to the information needed.

What’s the Solution?

Layout the application so that a map appears side-by-side with content and/or workflows and ascertain that all sides are bound and connected and any interaction trigger appropriate actions or updates on all affected elements.

Why Use This Pattern?

Applications that support partial map layouts are task driven and based on well defined workflows. The map exists to support the workflow and to drive the navigation of the app. A narrow and focused tool set supports the task on hand without the need for additional map functions.

Special Considerations

  • Cartography is typically important as the map should be simple and allow the user to understand and interact with the map as easy as possible.
  • Consider choosing left-hand or right-hand panels based on their relative importance to the map.
  • Banners are a good way to include branding, typical user interactions, search, spatial filters and map tools that are not on the map or part of the workflow.

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