Task Oriented

Task Oriented

What Problem Does This Solve?

Users need to accomplish their task and get frustrated or even leave your application if they are not able to find and complete it.

When to Use This Pattern

Good indicators that your map application would benefit from a task oriented design is when it looks and behaves like a ‘toolbox’ or ‘swiss army knife’. Often this happens when one application tries to solve too many problems and therefore ends up offering too many features that start confusing the user and eventually ends up obstructing the real purpose.

What’s the Solution?

Try to funnel users into a clear workflow that assists them in successfully completing their task. This can be accomplished through chaining of multiple patterns through explicit interaction controls like buttons. Design the experience of the map application based on tasks.

Why Use This Pattern?

Task completion is the essence of any successful application. A single purpose driven application that works well is better than an application that tries to solve many problems at once and by doing so starts confusing the user which eventually leads to reduced task times and lower task completion rates.

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