Task Oriented

Task Oriented

What Problem Does This Solve?

Prioritize content and features on primary goals.

Why Use This Pattern?

Task completion is essential to the success of any application. A single purpose driven app that works well is better than an app that tries to solve many problems at once and is confusing to users. Users get frustrated or even abandon and leave your app if they are not able to find and complete what they came for. As a result, task completion rate will sink and negatively affect the usability of the app.

Task Oriented is sometimes also referred to task-focused or workflow-driven. Regardless of terminology, a successful experience is based on tasks.

When to Use This Pattern

A good indicator that a map app lacks task-oriented design is when it looks and behaves like a ‘toolbox’ or ‘swiss army knife’. Often this happens when the app tries to solve too many problems and therefore ends up offering too many features. The purpose of the app isn’t clear and as a result, users are confused where to start, what to do and how to accomplish their tasks.

What’s the Solution?

Funnel users into a clear workflow that assists them in successfully completing their task. Avoid scattering tools and functionality but rather try to chain them into a single task-oriented workflow. Triggering this workflow can happen in different ways. One approach is to provide a clear call to action button that opens a panel, dropdown, or modal window for the user to work on. Another way is through explicit action buttons inside an Info Popup, this approach is especially effective because the intent of the user is mostly known, and the right workflow can be shown based on the context. Lastly, having the workflow readily available in a panel avoids extra interactions to reach it. Another good practice is to embed tools like Feature Selection or Add Note right in the workflow.

Special Considerations

Some very common tasks warrant their own patterns and are being discussed in the Special Workflows section. Examples include Search & Edit, Store Locator, and Meet in the Middle.


Task Oriented
CenterPoint Energy uses the search results to provide an easy way to report a streetlight outage. The same function is available through a button on the Info Popup as well

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