Rich Marker

Rich Marker

What Problem Does This Solve?

A rich marker extends a simple Marker to show a key metric, performance indicator or even additional information.

When to Use This Pattern

Use when the content of multiple markers is important to make a decision and needs to be seen at a glance. Typical examples are distances to an origin, monetary value, or actions to further interact with the location (e.g. share, like) without the need to open an info window first.
It is also a good practice to provide actionable elements that are directly related to the user’s inquiry, e.g. “Show route”, “Zoom to”, etc.

What’s the Solution?

Provide a marker that is bigger in size so that additional content can be displayed.

Why Use This Pattern?

Sometimes color, size or shape of a marker are not enough to depict the information a user is after. While this information can be accessed through the Info Popup that appears after clicking on a marker a user would greatly benefit by not having to click on each individual marker and remember its content.

Special Considerations

  • Rich marker works best when the result set is limited to a small amount so that the user is not overwhelmed and the interface isn’t cluttered.
  • Show metrics or indicators that are directly related to the context of the task on hand.
  • Numbers must be meaningful and equal in scale and unit.
  • Indicate the unit if necessary, e.g. miles or degrees Fahrenheit.

Consider whether an info window is still necessary.

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